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25 days

So it’s just a little over ten days until we finally reach Christmas and I have to admit, I’m pretty damn excited. Not for the presents, but to spend the day with nearly everyone I love. (Nearly because my partner will be in his home town this year.)

I’m wearing Christmas jumpers 24/7. I have this cute little one with Olaf on, and I get to wear it for work. Happy #ChristmasJumperDay to everyone in the UK, and if that’s a thing in other countries, let me know!

Today, we will be completing the Dashing Through the Snow book tag!


Though I originally met this book tag on My Tiny Obsessions, it was originally started by A Stranger’s Guide to Novels!

The tag follows three rules:

  • Thank the curator.
  • Tag 5 people to continue the Christmas spirit.
  • Have fun!

I don’t know too many people in the book blogging world personally; but I absolutely adore these blogs. So I’m going to be tagging:


One book you would love to see under the tree this Christmas.

Okay, so this is going to sound like blasphemy, so bear with me. But I don’t actually want any books this Christmas! It sounds terrible, but I have so many that I want to get through, and I’m trying to make the switch to digital due to my limited storage spacing.

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Name one book you’ll be reading over Christmas.

Unfortunately the only book I’ll be reading this year is my Law textbook. Deadlines are a bitch.

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Name your favourite Christmas movie.

Image result for love actually

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Do you like the snow?

I feel the question should be, who doesn’t like snow? Also, we never get it here so …

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Name a character you’d love to spend Christmas with.

I always wanted to spend Christmas with Clara from The Nutcracker. Maybe then I’d actually learn ballet.

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To give or to receive?

To give, always.

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What fictional place would you love to spend Christmas at?

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Fondest Christmas memory?

I was about six or seven, and my mum had got me this fabulous purple satin dress with a little pink flower belt. I slid myself into it, and spent most of the day spinning around because the skirt flared out like a ball gown.

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Can you say ‘Christmas tree’ ten times in a row (pronouncing it correctly)?

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