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Today’s Christmas festivities are going to be kicked off with the wonderful ‘A Novel Glance’s‘ Christmas book tag, The Jingle Bell Tag. The tag itself mentions festive songs or themes and then asks the blogger a question to match. Feel free to leave your own responses in the comments below, or if you steal the tag, remember to credit A Novel Glance!

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“All I Want for Christmas is You’
What book do you want to see under the Christmas tree this year?


The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily | Laura Creedle

This wonderful little gem of a book hit the shelves last Boxing Day, so it’s highly likely I will be able to find it under the tree this year. I’ve had all year to give a chance, but just never got round to it. However, it is high on my list of TBR!

Hopefully this is going to be a wonderful story to warm my heart this Christmas. But who knows? The book is about two protagonists with mental health, and young adult teaches you that anything can happen.

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“Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time’
Name a book that you read this year and absolutely loved.

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The One Memory of Flora Banks | Emily Barr

Such an unexpected story that really touched me – this book started out as something to read on a trip to a close by city. Flora has earned a place in my heart, and with that the tale of her adventures are something I’m sure I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Hopefully there is a bit of Flora in all of us.

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The Elf
What book unleashes your inner child?

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Monkey Puzzle | Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Words cannot describe how nostalgic this book makes me feel. Back in 2004, when a little six-year-old me was running around Primary school, I was cast as the lead in the school play of the story.

My heart still gets a little giddy when I heard the name ‘Julia Donaldson’.

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‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’
Which book has the most festive look to it this year?

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Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage | Lucy Daniels

I think this story has an unfair advantage, because it is first and foremost a Christmas story. But whenever I look at the cover of this book, I can almost feel the cold chill of the snow. Or maybe that’s just because I’m constantly eating ice cream?

But honestly, this book hands-down has the Christmas look.

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The Grinch
Who is your favourite villain?

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Valentino | Mafiosa | Catherine Doyle

So in the epic conclusion to the fantastic story of love and war between Sophie and two rival gangs, there is no greater villain to the story than Valentino – a boy who turns on his closest of family and orders such terrible things.

Guess that’s just mafia families.

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The Holiday
Name your two favourite couples.


A Quiet Kind of Thunder | Sara Bernard

A newer couple in the young-adult game, Sara Bernard’s Steffi and Rhys were the epitome of adorable earlier this year. I fell in love with their story within minutes of reading about them.

This will probably remain as one of my favourite contemporary romances to be released in the past two years.

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Noughts and Crosses | Malorie Blackman

A particularly special love of mine, the story of Persephone and Callum both built up my heart and broke it within the first book. Like Romeo and Juliet, their doomed romance was something that a twelve-year-old me fawned over.

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The Present
What book would you like to give all your followers?

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Stick Man | Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Okay, okay. I know most of you reading this blog are not of younger origin. A book like Stick Man might seem incredibly basic – but it’s a beautiful children’s tale of a man’s journey home. It also helps that it was adapted for television, with the trailer just below.

But even if this book is above your age range, this is still one of my favourite little gems – so give it a try this Christmas season.

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And remember, above all – have a Merry Christmas!

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