Cover Reveal | The Rules of Burken by Traci Finlay

I don’t think I’ve ever done a book cover reveal on my website before, so this will make it my first ever. I firstly want to apologise for in inactivity – life has been hectic and crazy and I could feel myself getting ill again. Time away from life can help. But now, I’m back. I promise.

So, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I ADORE psychological thrillers – and when I read the summary of Traci Finlay’s The Rules of Burken, I was pretty much hooked.

I’ve not got my hands on a copy yet, so I can’t tell you what I think of it. But when I do get a copy, I have a feeling its going to be one hell of a book. And below is the beautiful cover, which just makes me even more excited for the release!

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Twenty-four-year-old Charlotte Stahl would do anything for her older brother, Ian. After all, he’d done everything for her growing up.

He played Burken with her—a hide-and-seek game they made up as kids.

He comforted her when their mom deserted them. 

He raised her when their dad went to prison for murder.

To Charlotte, Ian is the only reason she’s still alive—he’s her rock. So when Ian asks her to play Burken in the isolated woods of Cadillac, Michigan, Charlotte feels she could use the nostalgia and agrees. Besides, they haven’t played this game since childhood. Burken—it’s the one thing that never changes …

…until Ian threatens to kill her in the middle of the game. 

More than the rules have changed as Brother turns to Predator, Sister turns to Prey, and she’s navigating the forests of Northern Michigan on foot with nothing but the clothes—and a target—on her back. 

If Charlotte wants to stay alive, she knows she has to untangle the web of her haunting past to find out where things went wrong, and at what point she lost sight of reality. With no other choice but to reopen old wounds—and with Ian hot on her trail—Charlotte learns that sometimes evil has to manifest in order for good to succeed. Which makes her wonder…

Is Ian really a monster? Or her savior?

“This book captured me from the start! The Rules of Burken reveals the chilling secrets behind a childhood game, and I’ve never been more disturbed by what the human mind can do.” — @colleenhoover

So what are your thoughts? The book promises to deliver, and from the reviews I’ve read so far, people are really loving the book! If you’re interested in adding it to your goodreads shelf, then just click the pretty cover and it’ll take you there!

The Rules of Burken drops April 11th! I’ll see you then.

Fresh Ink | Staci Hart Collection

I’m a shallow person when it comes to book covers. I’ve always believed that a book cover can be, (ether inadvertently or not) the difference between someone buying your book or not.

Now I absolutely love the books Staci hart writes, and I actually have a couple of reviews coming up from her in the future. It delights me to tell you that three of her books [her Lipstick Collection] have had make-overs with new covers.

Simply put – they are absolutely gorgeous and I love them.

The whole cute retro theme featuring the men and women have my heart, honestly. They replace previous covers featuring steamy males, which is a welcome change. These definitely look a little more discrete when I’m reading them on the bus.

If these have taken your fancy, you can find the Goodreads links for each here:

Piece of Work
Work in Progress

But the good news gets even better, because all three books are available for FREE if you have a valid Kindle Unlimited account. How much better can life get?

For lighthearted romances, these are definitely worth the check out.