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I’m a shallow person when it comes to book covers. I’ve always believed that a book cover can be, (ether inadvertently or not) the difference between someone buying your book or not.

Now I absolutely love the books Staci hart writes, and I actually have a couple of reviews coming up from her in the future. It delights me to tell you that three of her books [her Lipstick Collection] have had make-overs with new covers.

Simply put – they are absolutely gorgeous and I love them.

The whole cute retro theme featuring the men and women have my heart, honestly. They replace previous covers featuring steamy males, which is a welcome change. These definitely look a little more discrete when I’m reading them on the bus.

If these have taken your fancy, you can find the Goodreads links for each here:

Piece of Work
Work in Progress

But the good news gets even better, because all three books are available for FREE if you have a valid Kindle Unlimited account. How much better can life get?

For lighthearted romances, these are definitely worth the check out.

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